2019 theme:


For the 2019 edition, the General Assembly gathered 250 participants around the notion of Prosperity. Through this overarching theme, participants explored the tools available to link economic growth to well-being and performance to social good.

This General Assembly gave the floor to those who are finding the most efficient solutions to the prominent challenges of our time: fighting climate change, fostering equality and advancing social progress.


Around these three most urgent issues for future generations, other subjects were tackled: advancing social justice, protecting the environment and biodiversity, using technology for the common good, building tolerant societies.


For three days, working in collaborative sessions, participants collectively :


__ Drafted international pledges to be shared on an online citizen platform of the United Nations ;

__ Committed to supporting three initiatives with a positive impact on society ;

__ Launched the « Equality for Growth » circle ;

__ Took part in the creation of an accelerator and mentorship program in Morocco ;

__ Worked on a shared Manifesto of Prosperity for business leaders and entrepreneurs.


We thank you all for your participation and for playing a major role in discussing and accelerating solutions for sustainable growth.


United Nations Collective Pledge

global mobilisation

An action-oriented pledge, collectively drafted by committed leaders during the closed working sessions of the 2019 General Assembly of Corporate Citizens. The pledge will be presented at the United Nations during the U.N. Global Compact Leaders Week in September 2019 to raise awareness, foster a massive mobilisation for sustainable growth and create new opportunities for tripartite partnerships (public, private, civil society).

Equality for Growth®

international circle

A calendar of international meetings (Dakar, Paris, Abu Dhabi, Essaouira) to establish an advocacy program deployed by 30 network ambassadors, in partnership with BNP Paribas.
An action-led community of committed and purpose-driven leaders, sharing experiences and meeting regularly to advocate for collective actions, promote grassroots and global initiatives or funding special projects.

Thinkers & Doers Accelerator

business insights

A global accelerator for sustainable projects and initiatives, in partnership with Essaouira-Mogador Association. The acceleration program will label and support incubators, accelerators, investment funds, endowment funds as well as single projects and initiatives in seed and early-stage in various areas of the world (Europe, Africa, Arab world).

Corporate Social Progress Awards

solutions for inclusive growth

A Corporate Social Progress Awards, in partnership with the Reuters Foundation and the Economic Peace Trophies of EM Grenoble, to promote new emerging communities of entrepreneurs and young leaders, highlight and support their key actions, and ensure their visibility on the global arena.

Global Advocacy Campaigns

global mobilisation

Presentation of engagement campaigns to challenge decision-makers on Climate, Social Progress and Equality themes. A first project, presented by Magali Payen, founder of the collective “On est Prêt”, was announced, with the support of international artist and designer Sam Baron.


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