This year’s theme:


For the 2019 edition, the General Assembly will gather 250 participants around the notion of Prosperity. Through this overarching theme, participants will explore the tools available to link economic growth to well-being and performance to social good.

This General Assembly will give the floor to those who are finding the most efficient solutions to the prominent challenges of our time: fighting climate change, fostering equality and advancing social progress.


Around these three most urgent issues for future generations, other subjects will be tackled: advancing social justice, protecting the environment and biodiversity, using technology for the common good, building tolerant societies.


For three days, working in collaborative sessions, participants will collectively :


Draft international pledges to be shared on an online citizen platform of the United Nations ;
Commit to supporting three initiatives with a positive impact on society ;
Launch the « Equality for Growth » circle ;
Take part in the creation of an accelerator and mentorship program in Morocco ;
Work on a shared Manifesto of Prosperity for business leaders and entrepreneurs.



Inspire & Debate

Panels and keynotes will explore the most burning issues around corporate citizenship and showcase some of the most ground-breaking business cases around the world.

Working sessions

Share & Dare

The General Assembly will start with closed working sessions around the three main tracks of the program:
climate change, equality and social progress.

Global commitments

Commit & Support

The conference will provide constant opportunities to formulate concrete actions.


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