2020 Edition

Coalitions for Action

June 19th to 21st

Coalitions for Action 

We have 10 years. 10 more. The debate on what should be done during this remaining time is now over. It is time to act. Without delay.
The theme of this year. COALITIONS FOR ACTION, marks a shift in our programs.
Through these collective programs, we gather governments, businesses and citizens alike to dramatically scaling-up impactful solutions to tackle our society’s most pressing challenges.
Participants will focus on 3 major tracks, which have been prioritized by Thinkers & Doers’ Knowledge Committee.


  1. Climate resilience
  2. Sustainable Work
  3. Tolerance


Thinkers & Doers, along with its partners, will launch a Coalition for Action for each track. To scale-up selected solutions and trigger massive commitments worldwide.
3 days to inspire and to get inspired, to share experiences with global leaders. 3 days to design concrete action plans during thematic working sessions.




We have 10 years. 10 left. The debate on what should be done during this remaining time is now over. It is time to act. Without delay.

The window for « business as usual » is now closing, leaving us with a climate emergency of existential proportions. Coupled with growing social and economic disparities, the current landscape for governments, businesses and citizens alike is becoming increasingly unsafe and unpredictable. 

It is hence no surprise that speakers and members of our network questioned us when we launched the General Assembly : will it just be talking ? Or are we ready to take action? 

This is our commitment at Thinkers & Doers, and our purpose during the 3 days of the General Assembly in Essaouira : to mobilize our members, and work collectively, as to allow governments, entrepreneurs, and corporate citizens to enhance their commitments towards an effective social and ecological transition.

The theme of this year, ‘Coalitions for Action’, marks a shift in our programs, and will allow Thinkers & Doers members to benefit from new resources and innovative tools, to help them transform their organization.




Last year, Thinkers & Doers became a signatory of the United Nation’s Global Compact Leaders and established its commitments to the SDG framework. We launched a call to action for companies to sign our 10% pledge for more inclusive economic models, and our Equality for Growth Circle has been building a learning community of ambitious ambassadors to promote actions and solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time. 

Our Knowledge Committee has been working to build a narrative and a toolbox to support all organizations starting their social and ecological transition. Their work will be available during the General Assembly in Essaouira.

We will present our commitments to the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York in September, as well as to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), as part of the Business for Inclusive Growth sessions.

Our work will focus on 3 major challenges: climate resilience, sustainable work, education & inclusion.

For 3 days, we will reset leadership models and explore the most efficient tools for organisations, companies or cities to be actors of a fair social and ecological transition.



3 days of debates, workshops, masterclasses, conferences, and cultural programs

for more ambition, action and commitment.



Part 1
Next Now 
Efficient action must be rooted in clear insights and understanding  of the most pressing challenges our societies face.
Experts and decision-makers will share their work to help us define the areas of action that we, corporations, governments and citizens, should prioritize.


Part 2 
Change Now
The solutions, case studies and concrete tools available to place the ecological and social transition at the heart of private and public institutions exist all around us.
Business leaders, governments, and entrepreneurs will present the most effective tools and programs to uphold the 2030 Agenda and inspire others to take action.


Part 3 
Act Now
Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations will require that we pool efforts and resources.
Our Coalitions for Action will gather participants to scale international and local solutions for impact.



Stay tuned for the confirmation of new speakers.
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