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Artistic Program


Discover the city through art

During the General Assembly’s different editions, Thinkers & Doers takes over Essaouira with artistic visual expressions.
Mixing international arts with the local savoir-faire to celebrate the city’s cultural heritage and to open a conversation among the conference’s attendees, the city’s inhabitants and its guests.


Take a look at the artistic program during the last edition of the General Assembly.



An artistic journey which brings a unique experience to each visitor.

To experience the city in a different way through art and emotions. To think. And to feel. To ignite a dialogue between the different publics of the city during these three days and beyond. To create an emotional bond and bring up positive reflections. To show an impactful interpretation of the artists’ visions of the conference’s dialogues. To promote the emerging and established artists that question their role in the economy for humanity. To continue to promote the city of Essaouira on the international cultural scene. To leave a mark for the Essaouira’s citizens.


Prosperity is about being more than one.

It is about sharing and exchanging on essential human-being values seen through the artist spectrums.
It is about physical interpretations and even spiritual beliefs as offered possibilities to feel well and in consequence to make the world better.
It is about generating a strong, unique and common link as a community, as a society embracing the diversity of languages and art expressions.
It is definitely not about trading money valued goods but instead about creating an experiential and visual journey to involve the public.

Sam Baron



For this new edition of the General Assembly, Thinkers & Doers invites the international artist el Seed to invest the city. Essaouira will be the first moroccan city to welcome an art piece from the internationally known artist who’s already marked its passage through different cities around the world (Paris, Dubai, Toronto, Cairo, Philadelphia, Cape Town…).


Tarek Benaoum, lover of the writing, handling of letters which he expresses through calligraphy, offers to the city of Essaouira a monumental artwork in the framework of the project of the Walls of Peace, launched on the occasion of the General Assembly of Corporate Citizens.

Mémoire des siècles passés
Sponsor: Art Azoï

This intervention by the artist Rero is an invitation to slow the pace of our lives, and comes to question the instantaneity of our time.
This installation proposes to take the time to do things, live them and respect time while everything seems to accelerate.
The artist challenges us on the urgent need to moderate the pace …

An invitation to contemplation and self-restraint, echoing the notion of happy sobriety, evoked by Pierre Rabhi.

Take the measure of the necessary amount of the present (neither too much, nor too little), taking into account the future and respecting our past history as has done the City of Trade winds. As the photographer Jean Dieuzaide wrote: Whatever you do without taking the time, time will not respect it …

Sans titre (TOUT, TOUT DE SUITE...)
Sponsor: Art Azoï
Theatrical performance

Thinkers & Doers is honored to welcome Rachid Benzine and his comedians and musicians for a special representation of his play which is an adaptation of his novel « Nour, pourquoi n’ai-je rien vu venir ? ».

Sponsor: TV5 Monde

During the first edition of the General Assembly of Citizen Entrepreneurs and Organizations, the Constellation platform was invited to invest the heart of the Essaouira’s Medina to collect the dreams of its inhabitants, passers-by and guests of the conference.
For this edition, in collaboration with the Portuguese artistic collective Lavandaria, the dreams collected last year will be presented to the guests of the Assembly as a graphic poster temporary exhibition in Dar Souiri. The opportunity to highlight the different dream aspirations of last year Constellation’s project participants.

Sponsor: Constellation
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