About Rero
Rero is a French graffiti and street-art artist who is creating work halfway between urban art and conceptual art, while questioning the context of art as well as the codes that govern images and intellectual property with an acronym that regularly crops up in his pieces: WYSIWYG (What You See Is  What You Get). RERO’s interventions within the urban and natural landscapes continue to influence his participation in the gallery setting. His pieces are found on canvas, vintage books, neon, fine china, statuesque busts, plaster walls, decaying newspapers, flags, and much more.

Ramparts of the Medina
Sans titre (TOUT, TOUT DE SUITE...)

This intervention by the artist Rero is an invitation to slow the pace of our lives, and comes to question the instantaneity of our time.
This installation proposes to take the time to do things, live them and respect time while everything seems to accelerate.
The artist challenges us on the urgent need to moderate the pace …

An invitation to contemplation and self-restraint, echoing the notion of happy sobriety, evoked by Pierre Rabhi.

Take the measure of the necessary amount of the present (neither too much, nor too little), taking into account the future and respecting our past history as has done the City of Trade winds. As the photographer Jean Dieuzaide wrote: Whatever you do without taking the time, time will not respect it …