Tarek Benaoum


About Tarek Benaoum
Captivated by the graffiti wave, at the dawn of the nineties, Tarek manifests the need to express himself freely.
As he explores this path, he turns to calligraphy, which he considers as a continuity inherent to his passion for writing (letter, lettering, etc.).
His expression : Fracture of words, sentences, quotations, texts, poems, aphorisms, an inspiring universe is emerging in new spaces.
Tarek explores an unconventional and innovative “semantic scramble”. Indeed, his art emphasizes the dilution of time by a technique of embedding letters and words, overlays, vertical stretching, horizontal: a wave flow.

Maison des Travaux Publics

Tarek Benaoum, lover of the writing, handling of letters which he expresses through calligraphy, offers to the city of Essaouira a monumental artwork in the framework of the project of the Walls of Peace, launched on the occasion of the General Assembly of Corporate Citizens.