Lead Senior Analyst, Section Environment and Security
The Red (Team) Analysis Society

He is specialised in strategic studies and defense sociology, and more particularly in environmental geostrategy and about the militarization of artificial intelligence.

He is the author of  Menaces climatiques sur l’ordre mondial (Climatic threat on the world order),Ecologie et gouvernance mondiale(Ecology and world governance), Guerre et Nature, l’Amérique prépare la guerre du climat(War and nature: America gets ready for climate war),  of  Hollywood, the Pentagon and Washington: The Movies and National Security from World War II to the Present Day, and Géopolitique d’une planète déréglée 2017.

He has written dozens of articles about the interactions between climate change, resources depletion and security issues and about the military uses of artificial intelligence.

He has lived in Cairo, Egypt, in Washington D.C, USA and he lives presently in Paris, France.