On est prêts, Imagine 2050

In 2006, I met as a student two social entrepreneurs who wanted to tell the story of Muhammad Yunus, the inventor of micro-credit and receiver of the Nobel Peace Prize. An internship with them will be follow by a 4-year adventure on this project that will transform me in a producer dedicated to inspiring contents. 

After working for Coficiné and the Festival de Cannes, I join Canal + in 2010 as a business analyst. I will then manage Canal + cinema budget, help Studiocanal develop its activities in China and manage Studio Bagel integration. 

In 2016, I decided to start a new life as an entrepreneur and work with Olivier Courson, former president of Studiocanal, to create a new studio which could be the « European Participant Media ». Following the Brexit and French elections, I chose to follow my own path and start working with several Youtubers. 

2018 will see the birth of On est Pret, a collective dedicated to federate, coordinate and produce video creators that wish to inspire change around environmental and society issues. On est Pret made itself known with a successful campaign of 30 days between November and Secember 2018 calling for citizen actions on climate and preparing the launch of the ‘Affaire du Siècle’ the most successful French petition ever, with more than 2 Millions having signed to support the climate case against the French state. 

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