Ambassador for Africa
Winch Energy

Olga Johnson is Winch Energy’s Ambassador for Africa, which supports all public-interest actions that help Africans gain access to development, particularly through access to energy. She also heads the Lumen Green Network.

Convinced that energy is the mother of all developments and that access to it is a fundamental right, Olga Johnson is committed as a special advisor for Africa for the World Energy Foundation (FONDEM).

She is also co-founder of the Academy of Sustainable Development, for the professional and continuous training of senior technicians en engineers in energy, innovative solutions related to water, infrastructure and telecommunications in Africa.

Another important issue for Olga Johnson is the emancipation of women through better representation in decision-making bodies. What she defends as a Paris Councillor in charge of Citizen Cohesion, Equal Opportunities and Women Rights. According to Olga Johnson, the improvement of women’s status also involves their economic empowerment, which leads her to become Women in Africa’s Ambassador for Benin.

Deeply attached to the link between cultures, Olga Johnson has been involved in the World Day of African Culture (RAPEC) since 2009. This day celebrates the common African heritage, the cradle of humanity.

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