Founder and CEO
Tigui Holding

Tiguidanke Camara founder and Chief Executive Officer, Guinean native, is one of the youngest women mining executives and one of the few women mine owners in Africa. A visionary and proactive businesswoman, she uses her entrepreneur background to pursue her objective of creating a conglomerate of natural resources and innovative technology companies in diffe-rent sectors. Since 2012 she has also developed ambitious projects through strategic partnerships and alliances to play a crucial role in shaping the future of Africa.

She leverages her relationships with communities, governments, and investors to promote sustainable business ventures as well as the next generation of women in business. Ms. Camara uses her knowledge and connections to identify economically viable opportunities and translates them into reality.

Tiguidanke Camara is an active advocate of women’s presence and role in the development of the mining industry and a member of Women In Mining International (WIM). She is a Wedo World Ambassador for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED) representing Guinea since 2016 to present.

Sustainability is one of the cores of our business: Tiguidanke Camara believes in strict professional ethics and enforces high standards of corporate governance. Tigui Holding’s management supports the growth of employees and strongly believes that business growth correlates with employee satisfaction, corporate responsibility, and transparency. Linked to her CSR priority role, Tiguidanke Camara has launched the Tigui Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the livelihood of the communities in West Africa, with an emphasis on empowering and educating women and the youth.

Tiguidanke Camara is a member of the Afro-Champions Club, the prestigious grouping of leading home-grown African multinational companies and CEOs who have come together to provide private sector leadership for Africa’s integration and transformation. Ms. Camara participated as a panelist during the signature of The African continental Free Trade Agreement ( AfCFTA) in Kigali in 2018. She’s committed to champion African transformation and integration in ways that positively impact communities and people.