Founder and CEO

« How can I maximize climate impact in the shortest time possible?”. That was the question that led Tomer Shalit to create ClimateView – a global platform that enables pioneering cities and nations to visualize their path towards carbon neutrality.

Being an expert in agile transformation – a philosophy built for the purpose of tackling complex problems – Tomer decided to apply his experience to the climate transition. By establishing a visual language that can be used and understood by all, ClimateView aims to enable collective intelligence and sharing of best practice globally.

June 12, 2019, Sweden became the first nation to go live on ClimateView, making it the world’s most comprehensive view of a country’s path towards a carbon-free economy. As more cities and nations worldwide join the platform over the coming months, a new era in climate governance is set to emerge.

ClimateView’s goal is to one day not exist, to become redundant by reaching global carbon neutrality.

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There is still time for the environment!

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